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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Charismatic Spirituality

One of the helpful phrases mentioned on Saturday was 'Charismatic Spirituality'. I like it coz it shows that it's one type of spirituality, and there are many more. The more types of spirituality you have the richer your faith IMHO.

Also we talked about whether it was a certain personality type that went for Charismatic Spirituality. I think there's certainly something relevant there. But having said that everytime I try and pin down the personality types who go for it I think of those who are very different.

What is it about the Charismatic I have moved on from and Why?

Last Saturday was a fab meet up day with others from round the country to discuss this. has posted some 'official' feedback and notes. (and yes when I get settled in to my new flat with broad band I do solemly swear I'll figure out how to do nice tidy links).

One of the big questions I went to the day with was "What is it about the Charismatic that I have moved on from and why?"

I think a lot of it is about the control and manipulation I have percieved in Charismatic Ministry, although the real thing is good there's a lot of controling stuff thrown at vulnerable people under the name of 'ministry' and that bugs me.

Also there's stuff about it being seen as a quick fix solution to life issues, when frankly what the person who's gone for prayer needs is some good quality therapy and support to help them work through the issues and wakl through them for themselves, not have God surf in like a superhero for a quick fix that puts them on an emotional high but then leaves them to crash, if not on Monday morning but at some other point in the week. Paulo Friere in Pedagogy of the Oppressed talks about when you work with someone working along side them and learning from them rather than comming in as the superheroe coz that can just be oppressive and makes them dependant on you. I think that God is more likely to work by coming along side and journeying with us in our journeys rather than doing a superman fly down and pick us up effort.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Holy Spirit in the Emerging Church

Jason has organised a conference on the Holy Spirit in the Emerging Church which I'm going to on Saturday.

I'm trying to prepare by asking some questions. The big one for me at the moment is
  • "What is it about the Charismatic that I have moved on from and why?"

I wonder if it's something to do with not wanting problems 'fixed' in a big experiential way anymore but rather to be empowered to work through them. Also possibly something to do with 'this is the only way, believe it' culture.

I'll blog more when I've thought more, and definately after Sat. In the meanwhile- does anyone else have any contributions or thoughts? Has anyone else had the experience of having been a 'charismatic' Christian and having moved on or grown out of it, and what has this been like for you?

Also- watching a similar conversation grow at again, hat tip to Jason for the Link.

Top tips for house moving.

1) Open the shrink wrapping around the sponges before putting on the rubber gloves!
2) Don't inhale oven cleaner!
3) Upturned rubbish bins can be used as step ladders with care.
4) Upturned collapsible boxes CAN'T
5) A free cooker will cost you as much in time to clean it as buying a new one would.

Will think of something more deep and meaningful to say when my head's not full of cleaning, curtains and pans and council tax accounts.