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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Excuses Excuses

So much for a months worth of regular blogs about the Holy Spirit!

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My excuse- well we moved to our flat at last- but getting broadband set up took a few weeks and my dial up modem seems to have died. (Maybe sulking coz I never use it these days). And now I've got flu and been signed off for it. Everytime I think 'I'm bored, I know I'll read a book/write my essay/do some reflecting my brain configuration changes, thought processes backfire, I get a thumping headache, whatever I'm reading suddenly turns to ancient outer-mongolian, and whatever I'm thinking fails to translate to my fingers.

When I'm feeling better I'll continue my ministry essay- about why getting young people to 'become Christians' isn't a big part of my vision for ministry, so a few questions and thoughts thrown up by that might well appear hear after Christmas.

Until then...

*waves goodbye and retreats back to bed with kleenex, paracetamol and glass of water*.